Nursing Assistant Course

Infinity HealthCare Nursing Assistant course is an internationally accredited training. Our main objective is to support our student’s career path by educational development, enabling them to be competitive in the healthcare industry, equipped with knowledge, skills and empathy in taking care of various patients.

Our international training program is designed in response to the high demand in the healthcare industry and is based on the prevailing quality standards and practices. We strive to equip our students with diversified skills so that they can care for infants and children, children in school, people with disabilities and special needs, and elderly people.

Our recognized and accredited international training center aims to provide quality training for the aspirant individual who wants to become a member of the healthcare team in just a span of 6 months period that will help them take care of people with a variety of illnesses.

Nursing Assistant Roles And Responsibilities

Health care

To prepare the nursing assistant through comprehensive training such as Knowing the Patient’s Rights, Delivering Medical and Surgical Asepsis, Performing Vital Signs and CBG, Observation, Charting, Safety, and Activity. We also need to ensure their competency in the hospital through the supervision of the registered nurse in performing nursing procedures.

Nursing Assistant Course Outline:


Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or embark on a new career path, our expert instructors and cutting-edge curriculum are here to guide you. Discover the right course for you and unlock your potential in the healthcare industry. Get started today!


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